How To Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight Without Starving Yourself

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How To Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight Without Starving Yourself


If you are currently pregnant and worried about your weight after pregnancy, don’t get upset. It is not very difficult to get rid of the extra pounds after becoming a new mom. There are several tactics you can use to deal with weight loss.

1) Manage your diet while pregnant

Being pregnant does not mean you can eat whatever you want. Eating junk food will just increase your weight, and will not help the baby. Try to adopt a balanced and healthy diet during your pregnancy, as it will help you to develop similar habits in your children as well.

2) Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding is another remedy that burns around 500-700 calories a day, which isn’t a bad idea. A woman usually gains about 9 pounds in pregnancy for producing lactation. The weight is then shifted to her thighs to ensure the production of milk by burning fat for the baby. One might call it “famine insurance”, as that 9 pounds can stick to a mother forever. Studies have revealed that nursing moms tend to achieve their pre-pregnancy weight faster than non-nursing mothers.


3) Walk daily

Walking is the easiest and best exercise for new moms to lose weight, as it is not very stressful for your joints. It is free, and do not need any special effort on your end. Walking can also help to prevent postpartum depression. If you feel lazy doing a walk alone, then call some friends or a companion to assist you in a morning walk. You can always gossip to pass the time.


4) Use “Baby Wear”

It seems quite hectic to wear your baby sling and carry your child while performing household tasks, but it will really help you burn calories. It keeps you active, and you will be able to do daily work activities while comforting your child.


5) Curb those cravings

Postpartum Moms have cravings for several reasons. One is because serotonin levels are dropping, leading to cravings for sugar. Substitute snacking with another activity, like getting together with your buddy and going for a walk.


6) Do not consume excessive caffeine

Caffeine reduces your blood sugar level, so do not take it in a hefty amount. Most women usually fulfill their sugar levels by consuming refined carbs, which is not a good remedy.


7) Get enough rest

Although it is not easy to get good sleep when you become a new mom, you must get some proper sleep. Indeed, sleep deprivation can increase weight.


8) Focus on a healthy diet

It can be challenging for new moms to make the time to eat proper meals, but it is very important. Eating a healthy diet is much more beneficial than eating nothing at all.

9) It takes time to lose weight

Be patient, and do not rush into getting back to your favorite jeans within the first few weeks. For a while, you can adore your new curves and the cleavage that comes with breastfeeding. Above all, you must enjoy this post-pregnancy phase, as it is a new phase of your life.


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