Aromatherapy And Kids

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Aromatherapy And Kids


Aromatherapy is a combination of two Latin words; 'Aroma' meaning fragrance and 'therapy' meaning treatment. Aromatherapy is a new approach of treatment through the use of fragrances of essential oils. The essential oils and their fragrance have calming effect on the body and mind.

Babies of six weeks can recognize the scent of their mothers. The physical connection formed through a hug, smile or a kiss on cheeks from their parents can be nurturing for kids. Gentle massage on their feet, hands, back, abdomen and legs with essential oil has therapeutic qualities.


Different essential oils have a different impact on our bodies. Before beginning aromatherapy massage, ask your general physician about the effects of the essential oils you intend to use. An even better option is to ask an aromatherapy expert. You may also do some basic research on the internet before using essential oils.


Here is a list of commonly used essential oils:

  • For insect bites, headaches and pain in ear, you may use lavender oil.

  • For softening and toning of the skin, use rose or geranium oil.

  • For hair loss, you may use chamomile and peppermint.


  • In instances of dandruff, lavender, lemon and curry leaf oil can be helpful.

  • Lavender oil and tea tree oil are suitable for general bruises and burns.

  • For a constipation remedy, use black pepper oil.


  • Coughs can be cured through cedarwood, eucalyptus and tea tree oil.

  • For sore throats, use ginger and thyme oil.


  • For peaceful sleep, the aromas of lavender oil and roman chamomile oil work wonders.

  • Add some lemon and grapefruit oil in lukewarm water for a refreshing bath for your child.

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