10 Easy Tips To Eat Your Way To Lower Cholesterol


10 Easy Tips To Eat Your Way To Lower Cholesterol


10 Tips to Lower Cholesterol

There are many people today who have high cholesterol. But lowering one's cholesterol can actually be quite simple. Here are 10 tips that can be used  to lower cholesterol.


1. Avoid processed meats like hot dogs,bologna, and salami because they are full of cholesterol. Instead, have a sandwich with turkey or vegetables.


2.   Omega-3 fatty acids are known as "good fats". Fish, like Salmon, and flaxseed are important sources of Omega-3s.


3.   Say no to trans fats! They raise cholesterol levels. Avoid foods cooked with margarine, as well as processed foods containing hydrogenated soybean oil.


4. Almonds, walnuts cashews and pecans are a great source of good cholesterol. Use natural peanut butter instead of ordinary peanut butter, which contains trans fats.


5.   Restrict your sugar intake. Make healthier dessert choices, such as graham crackers, Jell-O and fat free frozen yogurt.

6. Consume more fiber! Fibrous food includes whole wheat bread, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables and some cereals.

7. When barbecuing, use lean meat. If you want a burger or steak, grill at home, and use as little oil as possible.

8.   Most of salad dressings are full of trans fats and cholesterol. Olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice are better options Also, avoid bacon bits, croutons, and egg yolks.

9. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Green peas, broccoli, apples, oranges, mango, pineapple, tomato, garlic, onions, spinach, watermelons, bananas, apricot and blueberries are all great choices.

10.   Avoid fast food, as it is full of bad cholesterol.



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